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Interior wrapping for your yacht or boot.

Interior wrapping: if it’s done properly, your yacht or boat will (once again) offer you peak comfort and design. That’s why Renovayacht has made wrapping its speciality - as one of the few companies in Belgium to do so.
Are you looking for an all-in interior wrap with 3M Di-noc design foils, carpets, anti-fouling or foil wrapping? We can give your yacht the high-quality, modern interior that it deserves – perfectly finished down to the smallest details.


DO YOU WANT TO MAKE THE INTERIOR OF YOUR YACHT OR BOAT AS GOOD AS NEW AGAIN, BUT WITHOUT CAUSING DUST? PAINT SPLASHES OR OTHER RENOVATION PROBLEMS? That’s possible, because Renovayacht uses high-quality architectural foils. These are available in a choice of finishes - including wood, leather or stainless steel - and colours. In brief, interior wrapping with our advanced, wear-resistant and colourfast 3M DI-NOC design foils will give your yacht interior a lasting and attractive new look - all without the need to replace cabinets and other furnishings.

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RENOVAYACHT CAN ALSO TAKE CARE OF THE CARPETS AND DECOR IN YOUR YACHT4S INTERIOR. For example we can perfectly fit luxury carpets in your own choice of colour, with underlay for an extra luxurious feel underfoot as you’re walking around the interior. Do you need handgrips, rails and/or cupboard locks? Curtains or blinds on the windows? A lick of paint here and there for a perfect finishing touch? We can meet all your wishes, right down to the smallest details. But the right solutions aren’t always so simple, because boat interiors tend to have a lot of curves, corners and edges. That’s why Renovayacht is a dedicated specialist in all these tasks. So you have a 100 percent assurance of an excellent result.


WE DON'T JUST CREATE A PERFECT INTERIOR FOR YOUR BOAT - WE CAN ALSO WORK ON THE OUTSIDE. That’s because Renovayacht also specialises in anti-fouling and simonizing. Our treatment will make the hull of your boat look like new again. And it will also greatly improve your boat’s handling qualities. We can treat boats of up to 3.5 tonnes in our own workshop, provided that they can be transported by trailer.

We can also treat larger vessels on location. We guarantee that, after our anti-fouling and/or simonizing treatment, your boat’s original youthful, sporting looks will be completely restored!